About Ambassador Program

To our valued Ambassador,

If you become one of our Top Ambassadors, you will enjoy a host of exclusive benefits designed to reward your commitment and support. Here's a brief overview of the fantastic perks you'll receive:

Unique Discount Code: You will receive a unique discount code that offers a substantial 60% off to your audience. Every time someone uses your code, you'll earn a generous commission.

Increased Visibility: We will feature you prominently on our official website and social media channels, helping you gain more followers and recognition within our community.

Product Launches: You'll be among the first to receive our new product launches for free, and we'll cover the shipping fees.

Paid Collaboration: Your efforts as an ambassador are compensated. This is not just about passion; it's also a rewarding partnership.

- Earn up to £500 monthly by posting a photo/reels wearing our products and tagging our official page once a month. Your earnings, based on post quality and number of engagement, are added to your Affiliate dashboard and can be withdrawn once they reach platinum 

- In the first month, your first  post wearing our product is worth £100, regardless of its quality and the amount of engagement it receives.

- Received up to £1000 incentives

Acceptance bonus: To kickstart your journey with us, you will receive a acceptance pay of $500 upon joining.

The minimum payout threshold for all Ambassador is set at $2000 (Platinum Level) . Ambassadors will receive their earnings once they have accumulated this amount in commission from sales generated through their discount code

Raffle Draw: For every three orders placed using your code, you will earn 10 entries into our raffle draw. Prizes include an iPhone 15 Pro Max and an all-expenses-paid trip to either Bali, Indonesia, or Siargao, Philippines.

Becoming a Top Ambassador:

To attain and maintain this prestigious status, there are specific criteria and technical standards that we expect you to meet:

Usage Requirement: Your personalized discount code must be used a minimum of 100 times by your followers, friends, or family every month. This demonstrates your active engagement and influence within our community.

Code Monitoring: We continuously monitor the usage of your code to ensure compliance with our program's guidelines. It's essential to promote your code organically and authentically, adhering to ethical marketing practices.

Quality Engagement: We encourage you to maintain a positive and engaging presence on social media platforms. Interact with your audience, respond to inquiries promptly, and create meaningful content that resonates with your followers.
Brand Representation: As a Top Ambassador, you are an extension of our brand. Please uphold our brand values, guidelines, and ethos in all your interactions and content creation.

Continuous Improvement: We value feedback and suggestions from our Top Ambassadors. Your insights can help us enhance our products, promotions, and the Ambassador Program itself.

Becoming a Top Ambassador signifies your exceptional commitment to our brand, and it comes with increased rewards and recognition. We believe that your dedication will inspire others and contribute to our collective success. We are confident that you will excel in this role, and we look forward to a fruitful partnership.

If you ever have questions about your progress toward becoming a Top Ambassador or need guidance on how to meet these standards, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support your journey and ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Thank you for your dedication, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements as a Top Ambassador.

Best regards,
Urban Roque  Representative